User guide for the timetable viewer

The grid layout

You may be familiar with using online maps, and using Timetable World should be a similar experience. We have taken the best up-to-date online map tools and adapted them for displaying books. You move around a timetable using the mouse or your fingers depending on the type of device you are using - just the same.

The Timetable World viewer is fast because only the pages you are viewing are downloaded.

The controls

Please take a moment to discover the additional buttons Timetable World has added. They will help you to:

  • Get an overview of the whole timetable or map
  • Move quickly to different locations
  • Jump to specific timetables using the bookmarks
  • Save your location (anonymously) and share it with others
  • Switch to another timetable without exiting.
Initial display (click to expand)
Navigation buttons (click to expand)
Using the mouse (click to expand)
Using a touchscreen device (click to expand)